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  • Holetown at Night

  • This is probably my first real venture into long exposure photography. On assignment for a client overseas the historic Holetown in Barbados was one of my stops. This particular area is located on a boardwalk of sorts. There isn't much to the left or right of the frame to catch the eye; so my focus [...]
  • market day with the travelling yoga duo

  • After shooting the Traveling Yoga Duo's morning session yesterday they decided to take a trip to the market. Saturday is the traditional market day in Barbados and I figured this would be a great opportunity to follow them around with my camera. I mean I had it with me so why not, right? [...]
  • birds of a feather | photowalk

  • So while waiting for a client to show up for her portrait shoot I noticed these little guys walking around searching for food as they seemed accustomed to doing. I really wanted to get a close up of a few of them and luckily for me two complied.  One of the rules of photography I've come to apprecia[...]